Apr 28, 2008

Dare to Bare

"How We're Wrecking Our Feet..." is an interesting article which cites studies and sources to indicate that a life without footwear might actually be the kindest thing one could do for one's feet would be to let them as open as nature intended them. But be warned that it does forlornly conclude that it's unlikely that most of us will chuck our slippers out of the window any soon.

What I didn't quite know until I read the article is that Podiatry Management is an extremely serious vocation for many and that someone has actually written a book on the history of walking. So if you're thinking what to get M.F.Hussain for his next birthday...


Ajay said...

Guess what, I bought a pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes a month back. (not because of this article or any hype - they feel really good and are lightweight)

They are great except that running or brisk walking with them on(mostly to catch the bus) still can feel odd and hurt a bit on hard pavement. Walking on lawns is really nice though :)

Unknown said...

Ajay: nice! Not sure if these are available here - want to 'experience' one myself.