Jun 4, 2008

Linky Pinky Ponky

If you didn't already know (I didn't until Santosh pointed to it), Ram Gopal Varma is blogging. What's good about it is that the font size is readable and there are challenge-responses such as the following:
13. Your films like AAG, Nishabd scared me and I don’t want to watch your films anymore.
Ans: Thanks

Roger Ebert is journalling here.

Help Firefox (v3.0 coming up) create a world record.

Mulva is not just a famous typo (a la Moops). George just got the wrong person.

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Santosh Kumar T K said...

I am sure you would have come across this but nevertheless;this is a piece where Roger Ebert self admittedly blurs the line between a movie critic and a fan in awe.


This done in the Baradwaj Rangan style goes to show how sometimes nitpickers could shut their mouths up and be in awe instead of rationalizing and analysing everything. Also style for style's sake is crap when not backed by content, philosophy and this piece manages to drive home that point. Or when you want to "play", well do it in STYLE :) :)