Jun 1, 2008

Mahaquizzer - results update

The Mahaquizzer 2008 results were finally released a couple of days ago. Doing better than expected on the overall rankings, I halved my 2007 ranking to end at 11.

Any resulting euphoria can be tempered by the facts that 6 other city winners finished above me and the winner (Arul Mani) was 30 points in front of me!


Anonymous said...

You ended up higher than six of those who beat you last year, and nobody who finished below you in 2007 is above you in 2008. I guess that is a very good result.

Unknown said...

Anon (who is this, btw?): Thanks for the stats-backed bucking up!

Samrat said...

Wow that was some deft analysis, is that our venerable NP ?

yes some of the scores are really mind-boggling.
Pune performance was not that great. but if we had our expat quizzers in full force, we could have given a run to Bangalore and Bombay in the overall 100 list.

I liked some numbers in my performance.
Rank of 42 :)
and crossing a half-century of points.

Anonymous said...

I am from Chennai and don't think we have met.

Terrible year for us. Even including Samanth (85, non-comp from New York), we have just two in the first ten. Last year we had 5 in the top-10 plus one (Rajiv Rai) who had just moved out.

Unknown said...

Samrat sir: We're never great in summer vacations :-) Or otherwise

Anon Chennai-karan: I was quite surprised from the Chennai drought (and this was even before the quiz, just looking at the number of registrations). Seems like a one-off "off" year.