May 25, 2008

Annus Blogus -VI

This blog turned six this week. A selection of posts from the last year.

Bard watching
aur al-
-treous humour
-bretto: poetry that makes your insides strong
-eux jeu
-zardly: everything is a mask
-ctor ludorum
-ntage homage
-dimus needed
loved this one
-gil, The
will, vi will rock you
-jay speaks
-ew point, (silly)
-shay kaay hotaa?

In previous years:
2007 was the empty post, 2006 was the embedded image post, 2005 was the handwritten post, 2004 was the nadsat post, 2003 was the boustrophedon post, 2002 was the first post.


Kunal said...

Congratulations, saar!

J Ramanand said...

Kunal: thanks, sir!

Harish Kumar said...

Nice one!

George said...

happy birthday and congratulations on the cake :) one eagerly awaits the seventh seal :)