May 21, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan, script kiddie

Or MySQL pro.

The Big B-logger kindly posts a list of people who have commented on his blog. It's a simple but very kind gesture to ack everyone so far, earning even more karmic brownie points. Thanks to the wonders of Wordpress and other blog-friendly modules, someone, acting on behalf of the man, pulled the names out.

Of course, as some of the more suspicious of you may find out, a certain name beginning from R appears in that list. I'm hardly a gushing fan of anything (perhaps save "Jonathan Creek"), but I will admit a great admiration for Amitabh's blog. Since you probably won't bother looking for that comment, let me say that it was about language and recommended a nice book on the topic. If you see "The Language Instinct" appear fleetingly somewhere in "Shoebite", let me know.

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