May 12, 2008

The same old new story?

Movie trailers of Love Story 2050, Harry Baweja's pater-powered launch vehicle for son 'Everyman' are playing these days. Billed as a 'sci-fi romance', it's not too surprising to see Bollywood's idea of the near future being heaving influenced by Spielbergian visions. If the images are anything to go by, we can already tick off Minority Report (aerial cars), Bicentennial Man (helpful robots), and the pinkest of them all, AI: Artificial Intelligence (furry teddy bears that could perhaps last the length of a summer blockbuster), not to mention Back to the Future (goofy temporally-challenging professor).

When will someone from Bollywood evolve their own unique and rooted imagination of the future? Shekhar Kapur's Paani promises (promised?) to be that, but his projects contain more vapourware than the average Vicks Vaporub commercial. So hopefully, this movie can at least break some ground, however shallow, paving the way for greater works in the future (by 2050?).

At any rate, one must applaud the unfailing optimism of the average Bollywood filmmaker. If their sunniness is anything to go by, Bombay will definitely not suffer from a power crisis in 40 years time and we will have enough fuel to cut lanes at 50 feet above sea level. After all, When Love Is Eternal Even God Bends His Rules. And that's the inconvenient truth.

Love Story 2050: 108 years later, love is not yet extinct
Love Story 2050: 108 years later, love is not yet extinct


Santosh Kumar T K said...

Shekhar Kapur's two things have peeved me for a while now

1) His never ending number of announcements which includes Paani which he has been talking about since I was born! So much for futuristic ;)

2)His standard one liner across all seminars, conferences, interviews about the cross over status/potential of Indian cinema "The next time Spiderman unmasks you will find an Asian and more so an Indian face underneath the mask" :-/ :-/

RGV rocks? You should read this (bottom)!

Unknown said...

Santosh: true. Shekhar Kapur's bag of quotes needs refilling.