Dec 5, 2007

The Martyn Puzzle

The Martyn Puzzle


Anonymous said...

Ahh, a fellow Martyn lover. We’re a special breed. I don’t know about that article though, a lot seemed founded on hear-say and not fact and I’m not sure some are ironies. He also withdrew from that cricket league because they changed the dates and his wife is expecting the baby in the revised time schedule. I think he was hoping for an interview, didn’t get it so ended up writing this. Still I’ll take any article on Marto, and may I just add, I love the fact he’s so press-shy. Mmmm, so enigmatic and elegant. I miss him dearly, test cricket is just not the same anymore. I really want someone (John Townsend) to write the unauthorised biography.

Harish Kumar said...

Damien Martyn - one of the few who could be stylish even while fielding in the deep!!!