Dec 4, 2007

The 2007 Scientific Indian Story Contest - first prize

The 2007 Scientific Indian Story Contest - first prize


Hirak said...

Congratulations! Excellent story. Liked the subtle reference to the Dashavatar - Blue Gods playing their flutes of peace.

You know which side of argument/question I stand. If have not already, see Daniel Dennett's attempts to explain some of questions raised in your story in his book - "Breaking the Spell".

Abhishek said...

Congratulations. Liked story, but not immensely. Some of your other stuff is much better.

Harish Kumar said...

All our comments and fan following are not "real prizes"?
You need some media training.

Ramanand said...

Hirak: thanks. I'm on your side of the argument anyway.

Abhishek: thanks. I know this is not that great.

Harish: I do. But sometimes the promise of cash is more potent that praise :-)

Samrat said...

Ramanand, liked the way the story flows. The michael crichton/tom clancy type parallel flows with timelines :) .
and the subtle Foundation influence especially with the names and titles.

commendable effort, and quite pertinent in current scenario, one could even juxtapose a pre-nuclear pakistan and india in this scenario. wherein pak goes to war with india to deflect off domestic religious strife.