Jan 26, 2008

Gilly walks back

Gilly walks back


Unknown said...

I am surely gonna miss him...one fantastic cricketer and an human being in Australian side , I saw....One of the best knocks of his was the chasing of 369 in Hobart against Pakistan..and watching that innings completely gives you an idea why Gilly was an accomplished cricketer.

Harish Kumar said...

You don't bother much about the retirement of Polly?!?!

Samrat said...

Gilly without doubt the best wK-batsman ever. can't believe he is retiring within a year of that sinhala "squashing" innings of WC-07.

unfortunately, i didnt see many of his great innings.

Also as an individual he was a gem among most of the uncouth aussies.

Polly also belongs in the same league of extraordinary cricketers