Jan 16, 2008

Listening to a book

Listening to a book


Abhishek said...

You do not lose as much as you would suppose, and there is indeed much to gain from audio versions. I've "heard" some Pratchett that way.

And talking of McCall Smith, I've finally found(and bought) the 3 book No.1 Ladies Detective Agency book set. Reading has unfortunately been slow, but rewarding.

And hope you know about this (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0874957/) while we are on the topic of McCall Smith.

Sudarshan said...

You might also want to try out some old radio shows, which are available as MP3s on the net - my favourites are the comedy shows by folks like Abbott and Costello and the sci-fi shows like X Minus 1, which featured readings of short stories folks like Ray Bradbury - but there's all sorts of stuff available.
Being able to listen to stuff while sitting in the company bus would probably be a big plus about joining Infy or CTS :)

Veda said...

I didn't like The Sunday Philosophy Club much when I read it. I prefered the other books he wrote to it.

Try looking for Douglas Adams. I think the Hitchhiker's Guide started as a radio show, and that wuold be worth a listen.


Unknown said...

Abhishek: with pratchett, I want to read the puns, so may not try it just yet. And yes, have already noted the film "coming soon".

sud: thanks for the tips, will check. As for listening while commuting, that's pretty much one of the few pluses of going to such places!

Veda: Haven't found it too bad yet - let's see when it finishes. I have already heard the radio versions of H2G2 - have the cassettes. (braggingly) have also seen the TV series :-)

Veda said...

You have cassettes of H2G2... *jealous sigh*
I've always wondered what that was like.

Unknown said...

Veda: I think you should be able to find mp3s of the radio version quite easily if you hunt about on the web. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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