Jan 13, 2008

Nano and the elite

Nano and the elite


Manish said...

Yes, I notice the same folly in that article. Sometimes, Swami in a bid to make a timely article, shells out an assemblyline stuff.

All the things he mentioned were correct, but contradicting each other.

Anand said...

Oh, the TOI is meant to be read ? Must r'ber that--n yr resolve etc

I am just a little sick of folks picking on the Tatas--having worked in mfg, I can only hope that they make some profit having taken on a mammoth and perhaps pointless task . Top Gear was never an authority on urban utility tranport vehicles.
I must meet your friends from Indore since public transport remains a mess there--same old top 5 % travel and hence "success" nonsense.Try come up with atleast a theoretical model and then we can talk !!

Ramanand said...

anand: surprised to hear about the "Indore mess". Was talking specifically about the private buses there (as evidenced from the link on the subject) which I heard raves from a friend who lives in Indore. Strange.