Jan 2, 2008

A good Hindi music year

A good Hindi music year


Unknown said...

Your list is exactly what I would have made for 2007, except I would have included Jab we met (for the return of Mohit Chouhan) and maybe Guru. Rehman kind of released a major soundtrack with Guru, which although not his best, would have got my nod for the haunting Shauk hai.


Sudarshan said...

I'd include Cash The OST and Jab We Met in the list, while trying to forget Cash The Movie. There were some nice bits in OSO The OST too, unfortunately overshadowed by the gimmicks.

I've got to listen to Water - everyone seems to be liking it.

Unknown said...

Rahul: I think Guru's music came out in late 2006, hence not in the list. However, the fine Shauk Hai did make its way in 2007, so go ahead, add it :-)

Sud: Cash wasn't my cup of tea. Water: very melancholic.

Sunny Aggarwal said...

Strong reco for Jab we met. Great variety, inspired singing (especially Ye ishq Hai) and ties in very well with the movie.

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