Jan 23, 2008

A few Marias - 3

A few Marias - 3


Anand said...

Tchh Tchh !!
What about Courtney Walsh, Terry Alderman, Rumesh Ratnayeke, Craig McDermott et al ?

And then again Rajinder Singh Ghai, Bhupinder Singh Sr., Thuru Kumaran, V R V Singh ??

Jeeban Ram said...

I agree with the Maria. But I would also place Richard Hadlee right at the top of that one.

Unknown said...

Richard Hadlee, my man on the top, too.

Unknown said...

Anand: was half-expecting the raised eyebrows and the descent into Indian pace (!) bowlers of yore :-)

There is a (self) imposed limit of 5, so these are my five.

Manish, Jeeban: If I had more, Hadlee would surely be there! Brett Lee too.

Harish Kumar said...

Going by your list mania,

Unknown said...

No surprises that I really admire the guy. Should get the book.