May 19, 2002

For some reason, it has been quite a struggle to board the wagon, what with countless darogas shaped as "Microsoft VB Runtime Errors" not letting me pass. I actually am over-represented in blog-dom-mania thanks to panic clicking. But like a blue, blistering barnacle, will cling on for all its worth. Interestingly, I sneaked under the tent and joined 63 other hopefuls for this year's BBC MasterMind India. I have been asked (from my choices) to take on the "Recipients of the Bharat Ratna". Good, no?

And must drop in a word, if not the entire arsenal, on the new look (cough, splutter) Times of India. If anyone is the Trishanku of Indian newspapers, it is this no-longer-venerable spread. Caught between hoping for the broadsheet respect and the tabloid whistle. Interesting fonts no doubt, but caught trying to overdo the "it's lesser, but that's more" mantra. And the Sunday Review has become: "Men and Women". Actually, it should be: A Man & a half and 2 women from beneath the Ads. Way to go ... STOI ... down

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