May 21, 2002

Two (at times, subversive) icons meet this week. Here's a clipping of a partnership between Google and Scott Adams this week:

-------- If you haven't been to Google yet today, come check out our homepage: It's all about Dilbert. Starting today, Scott Adams -- known to cube-dwellers everywhere as Dilbert's creator -- will have his way with our logo for an entire week, submitting our brand to the tender mercies of his crack team of management consultants. Cartoonist, MBA, and certified hypnotist Adams has made his mark mocking bosses, marketing plans, performance reviews, and other workplace afflictions in 2,000 newspapers, 65 countries, and 25 languages. We're sure he'll meet or exceed his goals at Google too. -------

Is that certified hypnotist or certified hypnotist :) ?

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