May 22, 2002

IMDB's top 250
Just skimming through IMDB's top 250 films (does it ever change? it seems the same since I last saw it) and had the following observations:
* "The Godfather" tops, not Citizen Kane (which comes in at 5) which probably is indicative that this is more a popular vote. Most lists by critics seem to have Citizen Kane up there.
* Amelie is at No. 10 !
* And LOTR is at No. 3. That might surprise a few people.
* And it's a great list to keep (never mind the rankings) to check what films you still need to watch
* And Spiderman is at 107 :)
Still not a bad effort, it's got almost all the big names.
BTW, Being John Malkovich is on air this Friday night on Star Movies.

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