May 20, 2002

The weather out here in Pune has been quite good in the last few days, with breezes begging to be called zephyrs floating about. And I have this to say: Get out there and enjoy it! And to think I miss it everyday, with Mr. Sedentary for company from morn to night.

Is a blog just an indulgent projection of oneself? I do all the talking, almost broadcasting in good old SETI fashion, hoping that the Ford Prefects of the cyberworld would alight for a while. But nothing beats self-trumpeting and all I ask of my fellow bloggers is a link back for a link.

Boy Scout deed of the day: Free publicity for Wordsmith. Some of the better things in life start of and remain as hobbies and Anu Garg (that's male, btw :) hosts a great example of it. Unlike other, almost conveyor-belt mailing lists of daily words, the Word a Day from the Wordsmith takes on interesting topics each weeks and sends out words related to them. People could use it! And they do, it seems. Wordsmith claims to be one of the largest (if not the largest) communities in the world with about 500,000 members.

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