May 18, 2003

CCCLXV diem: annus blogus

In the past, I have hardly been able to keep a thing going solely on my own
a sa emoc seod ti oS .hgih rehtar neeb sah tuo gniretep fo etar eht ,maets
surprise that I kept this going for so long, without the pace really slackening 
.kcab eht no tap llams a oS .hcum oot

(Writing this in boustrophedon script is not very easy and the output is
eht lifluf ot deraeg t'nsi lmth esuaceb ,nodehportsuob yltcefrep ton ylbaborp
conditions of this writing style, also I'm not really adhering to the
,yaw siht gnidaer boj hguot a yletinifed tI .hpargarap wen eht ta stnemeriuqer
and is potentially difficult to write, so I took the easy way out, by writing
eht em evig ot edoc fo senil wef a fo troppus eht gnikat dna yaw lamron eht ti
boustrophedon output).

ni em fo noitcejorp latnem" a llac ot ekil I tahw neeb sah golb eht oS
cyberspace". I have been conscious in the last few years of an increase in the
,eniwtretni ,elddum ,esuf taht dnim ym ni thguoht fo sdaerht lellarap fo rebmun
cleave and spawn several newer strands of thought: sometimes becoming a chop
ekat ot tegrat lacigol a eb dluow yraid ro lanruoj A .segami latnem fo yeus
these myriad mental-organisms and fling down on paper in an attempt to separate,
suht meht nier ot tuB .meht gniyrrac fo nedrub eht fo dnim eht eerf dna ezylana
has proven to be rather difficult for me, and these jetsam-flotsam of the mind were
.snoisacco lareves ffo tel

Surprisingly, it has lasted for about a year, with my initial attempts to put up
sah ti dna ,srorre reggolB elbativeni eht etipsed epahs gnikat stsop wef a
stayed there for quite a while. Thanks to the friends who preceded and succeeded
,lanruoj traP .pu gnikat htrow ytivitca na smees ti ,natsigolb ot gnikat ni em
part column, part scrapbook, part punching bag, part notebook, part exchange
taht slap fo sweiv eht fo tsaerba em tpek osla sah ti ,rettelswen trap dna murof
were an integral part of the previous years while assuring them that I continue
.yb kcit ot

It is by no means a very popular destination as is borne out of the factual
eht ot stnerehda fo ssam eht ni "golb rehtona tey" tsuj si ti sa ,scitsitats
latest cyber-fad. But it is my own child and I as parent must learn to love it
,ria dehcated a htiw detaerc syawla ton era stsop ehT .snoitatimil sti etipsed
and to some extent represent the confusions, limitiations, prejudices, strengths
,noituac detnawnu gnisicrexe ot ssefnoc lliw I tuB .rohtua sti fo snoinipo dna
spilling over into self-censorship that is borne out of a self-consciousness
thgif ot deen I .noitatnorfnoc dna tnemssarabme morf tsised ot stnaw taht
against this and be more sincere if the word is to truly reflect the state of

As you will see, trying to make sense of the workings of the mind, particularly mine,
,sisylana-revo rof noitceliderp a evah od I kniht I .noitapucco tsomerof ym eb ot mees
to unravelling bluntly the way I work and the blog has served as petri-dish and
neeb sah raey tsal eht ni efiL .noitcepsni resolc ni dia ot edils noitavresbo
interesting, if not always happy, the Chinese curse is in force. Mastermind,
fo sdohtem otni rehtruf gnignulp ,enummoc dnekeew dehsirehc a fo yawa gnirehtiw
instruction, the further metamorphoses of friends into online handshakes, os dna ,aitreni fo hsram eht tsniaga gnilggurts eht dna ,krow ta segnahc
The conversations are termed with the ClipBoard, because it is primarily with
lautriv dna syalpsid ,scinortcele fo evitcelloc a otno depyt tub ,flesym
concepts of storage that are transferred with the help of the computing concept
eht gnikam fo aedi eht deredisnoc ev'I .draobeciton cilbup a otno draobpilc a fo
title of this blog more taut by dropping the second half of the phrase, for are
noisiced A ?yalp-drow ta tpmetta detnawnu na ti si ro gnisuM)A( yna srehtO eht

lautir sekove niaga taht emit shtnom xis tuoba ni tneve launna rehto eht htiw sA
and quiet introspection, this (if it continues to be around) will provide a
ni ,yllacixodarap hcihw tibro ym no rehtruf eltruh I sa yawa kcit ot tniopkcehc
other mental dimensions is a crooked path which questions more than it receives
thguoht hcae seviecer ti ,detseretnisid erom si golb ehT .yad hcae rewsna ni
without comment, a faithful transmitter without offering a Heisenbergian twist
.noitavresbo no

If these last paragraphs haven't been a faithful gist of all that this blog is,
.seigolopa ,eb ot stnaw dna saw

The above fashion is an attempt to mimic the boustrophedon method in which writing (and reading) alternates direction after every line. Boustrophedon literally means ox-turning (from the way the oxen are used to plough fields). This principle is used in some printers too. If I had to assign symbolic meaning to this choice, it would be to signify my looking into the past and future as represented conventionally as left and right on a timeline, not alternately of course, but in a manner of speaking. The real reason was to mark the occasion in a quirky manner. If you can't read the text, well, do try.

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