May 5, 2003

Even though the Indian cricket team may not be playing, I like to follow the other Indian in action in international cricket: the stern ("headmaster" as The Guardian once described him) Srinivas Venkataraghavan. One hopes that he doesn't make too mistakes, but yesterday he did, nipping the chicken-pox affected Lara's attempts to pull off another heroic innings for his team. Venkat missed the inside-edge that Lara didn't and gave Lara leg-before, leading to much head-shaking by the Windies captain who's usually the model cricketer when it comes to reacting when dismissed. Of the big Three, Venkat's made the least mistakes in my (biased?) opinion: I've seen Shepherd and Bucknor make some very poor howlers, Bucknor too often. But now they say Rudi Kurtzen is among the topmost in the Elite Panel.

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