May 13, 2003

Idiotic people have been sending out what they claim is the party-pooper of the film Bhoot: many theories as to the outcome of the movie have been doing the rounds. The problem is that, having tried all permutations with the star cast, someone's going to eventually spoil it. Because of lots of morons, one hardly can be really shocked or stunned with the denouement of a movie these days. Thankfully, not too many people had seen The Others and I got the twist right in the middle.

On a related note, the promotionals for Darna Mana Hai have started making the rounds. Supposed to be a 6 episode film (such episodic films have been made before, notably by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and K.Balachander but not been too famous) with a horror element. I liked the trailer with the clock: one hand starts to rotate, then another hand spins, but in the opposite direction and then many hands go about the centre in frenzied fashion like sub-atomic particles.

Trailers also noticed: Boom and Calcutta Mail (Sudhir Mishra is back).

Snatch is hilarious, especially the take on the accents!

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