May 6, 2003

One of the few attractive sights available in the city on my normal beat is the view from the COEP Boat Club. Discounting the river, if you were to adjust your vista skywards, especially during the evenings, it can be quite a scenic sight. The other bank is on a small island that is rather verdant, though unornamental. But there are no tall buildings aiming to block one's view as is the case elsewhere and one's yen to see the sky can be fulfilled to one's heart.

But I will have to get my fill and commit all the beauty to memory, for the inevitable march of savage civilization must wave a threatening spade at this little spot of peace: a new (and unwanted) bridge is taking shape abutting the BC. It is going to be a nuisance, if not outright disruption of many activities that the river hosts in that patch of water.

A fascinating pattern of of returning birds that I saw yesterday might be one of the last few pretty sights that I catch there: perhaps a small camera to record these little moments is in order.

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