Jan 3, 2009

Balls, Ballots, Bollywood - Questions

In October, I did a quiz called Balls, Ballots, Bollywood (the Madhur Bhandarkar version would be called "Cricket, Politics, Films") which, I am sure, gave the participants lots of "emotional atyaachaar"[1] even before they knew such a phrase existed.

Anyway, questions from that quiz are now available - the details can be found here.

I did a couple of interesting things for and during the quiz, which you can read about it in two "Making of..." articles under this label. (for lack of Disc 2 of the DVD, the one with the special features and the secret out-takes).

1: How we needed that phrase. Its time has come.


Salil said...

Its *emosanal* atyaachaar

Unknown said...

i think its almost a "cult" song :D

Unknown said...

Salil: I was talking about the rock version ;-)