Jan 17, 2009

"Touchstone" - my SF story at the Scientific Indian

You can, if you so choose, read my story Touchstone at The Scientific Indian blog. This story received a special mention in this year's Scientific Indian Story Contest. (I happened to win the contest last year.)

As always, feedback will be much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Good story, Ramanand. It was nice to read, especially as there was not too much tech stuff (for an SF story), and the human element came out well.

There was one, perhaps idle, thought I had: is 'Roy' a first name or a last name? Particularly as, I suppose, in this world you have imagined, people would cease to have last names(?)

Unknown said...

Tadatmya: thanks very much.
Must confess I am not very good at the tech speculation, but better than imagining humans. So it's more due to limitations that by design :-)

As for your 'roy' query - I did want to be deliberately vague about it! I find the process of choosing names a bit of a pain, so I didn't go for too many futuristic ones. However, I did want to imply some sort of an Indian heritage.
Even these days, I think Roy as a first name is not unusual in the West. Oh, and if you've seen Bluffmaster (the new one), then you may recall Abhishek B's name was Roy in it.

Anonymous said...

Are You Married?
(Hope this comment sheds out some memory loss :) )