Feb 5, 2009

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2009

The Kala Ghoda Association Arts Festival is currently in progress. A detailed list of activities (as sent out by the Literature Curating team (many of them from Caferati)) can be found below. There are (English/Hindi/Marathi) workshops (for children and adults), writing contests, performances, and also a Lit quiz by our friends from the Bombay Quiz Club.

Here you go:

We have a bunch of writing-related workshops and participatory events for children and adults at Kala Ghoda this year. For more information and information on how to register, please follow the links below.

A series of fun, interactive sessions for children of different ages A Mystery for MindNuts

What If? An introduction to the World of Speculative Fiction (All children's events are in English.)

Some stuff for people who may be of voting age but who still want to learn and have fun doing so.

Translating Marathi Poetry (in Marathi and English)
Writing Fiction (in English)
Creative Writing (in Marathi)
Art Criticism (in Marathi)
Freelance Journalism (in English)

Also on the cards:

- A workshop in Hindi, an introduction to the art and craft of writing for TV serials. As soon as we have the details, we'll post it to the Kala Ghoda Gazette. You'll find the announcement filed under Workshops & Seminars. - A Literature Quiz. If this works out, there will be a short preliminary round, open to all, where you will have to answer a questionnaire. The winners of that round will go through to the live quiz. We'll post this to the Gazette too, if it works out, under Contests. Speaking of contests, if you subscribe to the Caferati Contests newsletter, you already know about this, but just in case.. Our very popular contests for writers are now open to entries. The deadline for submissions is the end of the 8th February, 2008. Here are the links for more details: Poetry Slam


Sudarshan said...

Dude, you forgot the most important discussion of all. It's a panel discussion, but it features some interesting folks: http://www.caferati.com/kgaf/2009/02/04/pulped-and-popped/#more-288

:) :)

Unknown said...

Ah - nice, nice - remarkably sane photo as well!

Anonymous said...

'GHARANA' Fusion Band performed at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival on Feb 8, 2009

Official Website: