May 17, 2010

"Half Ticket": My FlyLite article on Children's Films in India

Last November, FlyLite, JetLite's in-flight magazine, brought out a "Children's special" issue commemorating Children's Day. For this, I wrote an article on Indian films made for or featuring children. You can read a scanned version here on Google Docs (it's a .pdf file, ~1.2 MB).

It is by no means a comprehensive history of the topic :-), so if you see any notable omissions, do tell!

(The magazine is produced by Spenta Multimedia)


Unknown said...

Nice article, JR :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Saurabh!

Unknown said...

I really like this write up. I LOVED what Vishal Bh did in the Blue Umbrella. I loved it for its projection of emotions- even the desire to own an umbrella with such a lens keeping the naivete intact. In contrast, made me think of the way R Balki has recently shown children in his movies (Cheeni Kum & Paa)- gyandaatas who are so mature that they don't seem to be children anymore. I am sure that's his experience, but it somehow lacks charm for me as a viewer and feels like a forcefit- which most mainstream children's movies have been.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I haven't seen either Balki film, but I know what you mean. I hated Mani Ratnam's Anjali for similar reasons - many of the kids were unnecessarily over-smart. But Kannathil Muthamittal - see it if you get a chance - was very refreshing.

Vishal - well, what can one say :-)