May 30, 2010

Three men of the stage from B.J.Medical College

Until I saw an interview of his today, I didn't know Dr. Shreeram Lagoo was an alumnus of B.J.Medical College, Pune. This means that the college has produced three of the most renowned Marathi names of the stage - Shreeram Lagoo, Jabbar Patel, and Mohan Agashe (who also taught at the same institution).

Given this, one wonders what the college did (or does) to provide an ecosystem for such people to emerge. The Pune college circuit for plays is rich and well-established with theatre groups and competitions such as Purushottam Karandak and Firodiya. COEP too had a couple of students who later turned pro - Ravindra Mankani and Girish Joshi, for instance, but no one of the heights of the BJ trio.


Saket said...

My parents have worked at BJMC for almost 3 decades. I was under the impression that even Nilu Phule worked at BJ at some point. However Wikipedia says that it is AFMC. With BJ I think all 3 people you mention are from the same era, so there may have been some synergy at play.

Unknown said...

Oh, I didn't know Nilu Phule worked with either med college. Will try to find out more.