Jan 9, 2003

New Year's Eve also had a grim reminder of how bad Indian TV & films have gotten to be: Just a chance peek at Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum on air and I was hit squarely in the face with an amount of hamming not seen in one place since the Great Porcine Parade of 1927. Five stars indeed for a critic who just lost it all trying to protect his friends: consider Hrithik (Fiza), Kareena, sis of Karishma (Fiza), Jaya Bachchan (Fiza), Amitabh B (biography) That leaves two unaccounted for: Kajol and Shah Rukh. Anyway, shouldn't it have been six stars? Khalid got his counting wrong. Can't blame him for even maths can obey different rules in a parallel universe where helicopters ferry people as commonly as autos.

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