Jan 26, 2003

Something about Sammy
Finally, time to start doing something that I was planning for a while: to write about people around me. Starting off with the inimitable Samrat Sengupta because there a few things that I was to blog about him. Samrat can be considered the Sidhu (in the kindliest sense!) of the BC, with his talent for the pithy and sometimes incomprehensible statements. His "good guess, yaar" has passed into BC vocabulary. He sealed his reputation at an AFMC quiz in a certain X-Rated qn and has been content to add the associated dimension to future events.

I was pretty impressed with Sammy's demeanour when he learnt that he would not be able to attend his Mastermind semi final, and the fact that he didn't make a show of his (obvious) disappointment: I would have been visibly depressed for a long while. Samrat is more of a Punjjabee in spirit than the usual stereotype of a stiff Bangla. He has a blog here, but he doesn't display his great vocab too often there.

Sammy made a recent addition to his resolutions: to watch 52 films that he's never watched before in the coming year. It seemed ambitious to me at first, but appealing. Inspired by that, I decided that before coming to a such a conclusion myself, I would note down how many I would watch in 365 days: I have 6 till today. A practice that Samrat has with books as well.

Samrat has a completely different temperament and nature from me, and I don't think (and here I invoke my by now boring BC spiel) I would have had such company but for the great BC quizzes.

Samrat saab: thanks for the entertainment.

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