Sep 16, 2003

During the course of a conversation with Harish, the thought of how one's interests can sustain one's life came into discussion. However boring or tumultous or insignificant or worthless or exciting or pathbreaking one's own life and each day in it may turn out to be, hobbies can really provide a welcome relief, with arms open always. If you like to read, or watch films, or listen to music or take up some activity that you can do by yourself with not too much investment, and also without needing too many people to perform, you can be reasonably assured of having enough to do in those 1 or 2 hours (or even lesser) each day that you may get to indulge. The point here is that there will always be good books that you haven't read or someone will (despite the general despondency concerning the opposite) make a good film now and then. Even our general cynicism concerning the general state of affairs of human existence cannot deflect from this: there are so many people attempting to progress art and science that some of them are bound to succeed. So even if my own life isn't one that is bound to make any significant contribution to mankind, I can still go back to the refuge of the things of beauty that others before me have left behind: an advantage having being born so many thousands of years since history started being recorded.

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