Sep 30, 2003

Either my eyes have completely lost it or I'm quite right in saying this: why do the actors and actresses (usually the younger ones) on Hindi TV soaps look so identical? To the point of being almost undistinguishable, No, I am not seeing the same actors everywhere (this was true a few years ago), I can barely tell them apart and I would think twice before swearing on oath. This is especially true of the ladies: impeccably made up with not a strand of hair out of place (if it looks like that, it's on purpose) even if the husband's affair with the vamp (you can tell her as the lady who looks like she also does part time kathakali complete with the heavy and bizarro makeup) has been revealed. With designer Prafful saris and jewellery as if each day was a wedding, our slim TV ladies add 3.5 kilos with just the makeup and wardrobe. Not that their husbands/brothers/devars/chachas are far behind: thirteen kurta-pyjamas or salwars are apparently the minimum amount, with matching angavastrams and kolhapuri chappals. Baby faced and all gelled up, our men are ready to ward off the advances of scheming business rivals and evil aunts.

Methinks there is only one actor and actress in all TV serials that play all the roles. Viewer myopia and CGI means that a lot of money can be saved. Never underestimate Indian TV.

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