Sep 6, 2003

The World This Week was back in force immediately after its relaunch, featuring stories on Iraq, neo-cons shaping US Policy, the old segment on Newsmakers, all heralded of course by one of the most famous tunes on Indian TV, which IIRC, was composed by Louis Banks Loy Mendonsa (Thanks to Gopal for the correction).

The programme that catapulted NDTV to the forefront of quality Indian News programming had Prannoy Roy at the anchor's desk and ended with one interesting and hilarious piece featuring muppets of Dubya, Gen. Musharraf and a confused news anchor called I.M.Reddy. Poignant tributes were paid to Shivani (who used to produce TWTW) and of course Appan Menon, the bearded and curious correspondent who was the second most recognizable face from the TWTW team after Roy, and who died in his 50th year a few years ago. A very graceful re-start.

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