Aug 12, 2002

Banana skins and Computing
For some reason, the slipping-on-a-banana-skin equivalent of using computers, especially when using projectors, is when reboots or hangups occur in full view of an often hostile audience. It is extremely funny when it happens to any hapless individual with the sole exception of oneself. For some reason, the computer decides to play hooky and the audience (however dignified it may be considered to be) goes into peals of embarrassing laughter; accompanied by wild suggestions to press this key or that. The safest thing to do is to pull out any plugs from the comp to the projector; all that it will do is get the audience into intense speculations as to what wrong is being committed behind the scenes, but will save one from being humiliated further if they knew even half of what was happening.
Speaking from experience? yes, from the audience side. People just loooove to do some backseat driving!

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