Aug 12, 2002

Children in this world?
Not to embarass or provoke, but just harking back to a little thought: is this world good enough to bring a child into? Today, a fellow colleague had a baby (and congratulations Ajay, while we are at it!). Was again reminded of the movie Seven, where Gywneth Paltrow finds an echo in Morgan Freeman's estimation of the world as a sometimes awful place: should she bring the child into this world or not, and so postpones telling husband Brad Pitt about it until the decision is made (made, ultimately by someone else of course, but go watch it yourself).
Can I put it this way? Would I invite another person to come and stay on this Earth in its present form, much like recommending a restaurant to someone else? Where things get worse each passing year, some things get better but cannot still make up for those that aren't (so it seems), and sometimes terribly, they remain the same. And yes, I have a pretty decent life, not as bad as some others, but is that incentive enough? Keeping the lineage going (and some of us do not carry the burden of keeping the "family name" going as we no longer carry common surnames :) ) or just hoping the kid will take care of you? Just a duty to the world to leave behind someone? Not trying to be pessimistic. Just a question.
Deep, pretty deep. Let me end by breaking into confused laughter here.

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