Aug 7, 2002

Chaps from my class
One condition from Nikhil on being asked to read my blog was that I have good things to say about him. I thought I'll balance all the prevarication by some words about some others in my class.
  • Nikhil is a true-blue Sadashiv Pethi Konkanastha Brahmin, and one who lives upto it too. He has endured me during our BE project days. He loves to eat and experiment, often both at the same time. And to complete the bribe, he is very nice (wink, wink).
  • Ajit rounds off my BE project team. A great music addict, he was the first private radio broadcaster, with his continuous humming. He is off to Montreal for more studies, at which he has always been very diligent.
  • Vinay is the kind of guy who comes first in class and has a rather bad habit of being consistent at it. He is off to Stanford in a few weeks.
  • Rahul always seems to float around without anyone noticing what's going on. He is archetypically the guy in the white coat, researching stuff with being too fussy about it all. He is in Illinois at UIUC.
  • Akshay For some reason, Akshay reminds me of George Castanza from the sitcom Seinfeld (no offence meant!). He has had more than his share of bad luck, and going by my theory of luck, he will have a great time later in his life.

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