Aug 13, 2002

What a waste!
While we spend reams of paper and decibels of sound-bytes (sometimes validly) on many problems, ranging from the how bad the drought is to how small Parthiv Patel looks, they often get lost the next day; newer interests engulf the media minds. But sometimes outrageous things don't receive even half the attention that Kareena Kapoor's belly-button gets, and it is time, once again, to rail at the news-hounds.
The Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die yesterday, days before the scheduled close. Nine crores were spent, not a single law passed. Which means, our legislators came, exercised their vocal skills and improved their vocabulary, ate, stayed in MP hostels or guest houses at public expense, and were left a few days off before, and, this being the crux, did *NOT* produce anything to show for this "effort". If you or I were to lounge about at work, throw a tantrum because we didn't like the face of the guy who was proposing something, demanded days off just for behaving badly at work (because so did everyone else at work) and after all this, didn't do what we were paid to, bet you our bottoms would hurt: because we'd have got a good kick on it, and b'cos we'd have landed pretty hard on it when being hauled out by our collars.
And no outrage. B'cos we're getting used to it. Atleast we're spared from live telecast of a poor cousin of WWE wrestling.
Sine die ? Yes, Signs of Death indeed.

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