Jun 9, 2003

And in passing:

* Nice way to spend the weekend: surrounded by books, movies and a small quiz at the BC with the vacationing and (for the first two) recently demobbed Gaurav, Harish and Saket.

* In a hugely surprising decision, Adrian Le Roux has quit the Indian team to take up an offer with the South African team. Homesickness or better pay? Big blow to the Indians.

* We were just wondering: When Rahul Dravid plays for Scotland against Pakistan in the latter's tour game, would it be considered as an international (two countries participating) and hence make him one of those rare players to play for two countries. Though we did know this wasn't quite true, it was an interesting scenario to chew on. But I would still like to know how the ICC classifies Scotland when it plays in the county matches (are there different grades of teams?). Is Scotland representing the country or the county? Anyway, the part-honeymooning Dravid made a first-ball duck.

* And India smack some Aussie butts in the tri-nation series Down Under. They won 5-3. That's wonderful to hear.

* They keep calling it a mix of E.T & Forrest Gump. Unfortunately, the trailers of Koi Mil Gaya suggest that Hrithik Roshan is going to play the not-so-bright boy as the wide-grinning stereotype. But all pretence to gawkiness is abandoned when it comes to the wide-armed dance steps. A far cry from the much-loved Forrest Gump. Papa Roshan will make a re-entry (pun intended) into the film space and Preity Zinta is thankfully back to her old hairstyles, after a brief lapse in Armaan where I thought she looked almost like one of those human hair-mops that can be seen in the Addams Family movies. Music by Chacha Roshan is pleasant so far.

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