Jun 6, 2003

The Williams tennis family, not just the sisters themselves, have been usually spearheading all the gamesmanship incidents in women's tennis, and have more than a chip on their shoulders about alleged racism. These have lead to them being unpopular in many circles. Today's French Open semi featuring a grudge clash between Justine Henin-Hardenne & Serena Williams was no different, with the crowd booing the younger W on many an occasion. When Serena Williams lost the closely contested encounter and then walked away with only a cursory handshake, the crowd vocally disapproving of her into her lack of grace. Later, the post-match press meet saw the No.1 dissolve into uncharacteristic tears: More in this news item.

Very interesting that the French Open usually seems to have these kinds of incidents, especially in the women's draw. The Martina Hingis & Steffi Graf encounter of a few years back comes to mind.

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