Jun 6, 2003

For a few weeks now, ESPN-Star has been airing a football soap called Dream Team, which appears four days a week. A rather novel concept for Asian TV audiences, the story revolves around a team of footballers and people associated with them. Nothing new for Brit audiences, with the rather "fantastically trashy" (as The Guardian puts it here) Footballer's Wives, an unabashed soap opera on similar lines. A surprise hit of last year, it seems to have pioneered clones like Dream Team.

I caught a couple of sightings of Footballer's Wives while doing time in Dublin, and it was a routine TV show albeit with a new setting. The same seems true of Dream Team. Wonder it anyone watches it.

And while on the subject of British TV series, Coronation Street, which I've always heard a lot about and was able to catch a curious glimpse of, continues to be a role model for long drawn out, weepy-waily TV soaps the world round.

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