Jun 30, 2003

With the backdrop of another batch of fresh faced almost-graduates set to become the latest of my colleagues tomorrow, I stumbled upon this little introduction I wrote up for an appropriately silly skit that we newbies put up a few days after we added our names to the office register:

Routine Disclaimer: Any coincidence is completely intended but wholly denied.
Welcome to Perspiring Cisterns - The Movie. A classic tale, it is widely considered as the worst movie ever made, even surpassing such blockbusters as Sauce Bhi Kabhi Tamatar Thi & Hamara Pill Aapke Aas-Paas Hain. It was also the first Indian film to make it to the Mongolian top 10. The makers of this movie are so proud of it that they have decided to go into hiding. The rumour is that great dons such as PlyWood Ibrahim & Mota Vakil were so affected by this movie that they have made threatening calls to the makers - pleading with them to stop screening this movie. Like most hit Hindi films, it has absolutely no plot. So we would like to remind you that the makers are not responsible for any loss of mental equilibrium that may result. We pick up the action, surprisingly, in the 1st scene itself where our hero is ready to go out in to the big, bad world - to face an interview in a software company.

I don't think it quite got the reception it deserved.

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