Jun 4, 2003

A collection of quotes that I found during a little discussion on a related subject with my friend.

I don't agree with all of these quotes. I am definitely not an atheist. At times, I am an agnostic.

I find I need to believe that there is a god, someone like a big brother, to whom I can take my problems and he will help me. Who, in all my deepest bouts of loneliness never deserts me. Who sometimes provides the moral basis for an irrational desire to go out of my way to be nice to someone else. Who reserves the right to divine retribution when I cannot bring down a force on someone bad.

And on somedays, I cannot but question my very faith, whether I have invented the need for a God, omni-all and if it is a tenable argument.

Still, the above quotes are also, in the best traditions of debate, worth thinking about.

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