Aug 25, 2003

Anyone (and these days, anything) whose name deviates from normally observed spellings is automatically suspected of having met the numerologist: take Jayalalithaa, Suniel Shetty and Kkusum as members of the exampli gratia set. We can give Preity Zinta the benefit of the doubt as she seemed to be a deviant even before she came into the spotlight. But I've always wondered what the "righteous" Shobha (now augmented with the "Extra-a Innings") Dé had to say in her defence. A few days ago (don't remember where I read this, must be The Times of India, for the TOI has been quite into these things: Pune TOI features one of their town-favourites Anupam Kapil each week who gives us the requisite gyan on these things) I read that "she found Shobhaa more visually appealing". She didn't really acknowledge any other reasons for the nomenclatural change. Yeah right, Ms. Dé. Wish you (or the adviser in the background) had found Shhhoba or Day more aesthetic, would have made it fun to Ssshush you each Day.

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