Aug 18, 2003

Resumé of a few days

Over the last few days I have been:

* Sneezing and coughing like nobody's business

* Making decisions when to bunk work, when finally to go to the doktore and mostly what to eat next

* Steaming idlis with varied results of hydration

* Boiling potatoes like a teetotalling Russian

* Watching the world go by lying on my back

* Checking my ears when the television stopped speaking to me

* Poking and tapping the television

* Re-discovering old audio cassettes

* Led astray by my Imagination that pumps into delirious overdrive when I'm a little feverish

* Trying to catch up on my waiting correspondence

* Giving many thanks to my friends at work for covering for me

* Watching Fargo and a repeat of the well-written Notting Hill

* Wistfully watching myself shell out more money for books in Book Exhibitions: this time to buy O Jerusalem! and Is Paris Burning by Collins & Lapierre (Thanks Sammy, I thought I'll buy a copy for myself)

* Finished reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and feeling a little exhausted after reading chapters the size of watermelons

* Catching up again on the nuances of Predictive and Shift-Reduce parsers from my well-worn copy of the Dragon book

* Meeting variegated relatives

* Spreading cheese on bread, boiling water for a few things

* Unable to put down the story of Israel's struggle for the City of Peace

* Reasoning what I can salvage from the soundtrack of Boys

* Celebrating Independence Day Sun-TV-style watching unending programmes on film people

* Learning that Prakash Raj's Special Jury Award wasn't for a single film, but for his work in 8 films in 3 languages

* Watching India make a traditional opening to a major tournament squandering a 3 goal lead, and then gheraoing the umpire

* Watching India win at last

* Watching the pitch produce a result in England's favour, but not before inspiring two tons and two six-fers

* Joining the Yanks in learning that power cuts can hurt

* Wondering, wondering

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