Aug 19, 2003

Chhod do yeh kadhai!

All around the world, there are people clamouring to be left alone, in various shapes, sizes, in various degrees of politeness, people want you to leave them alone. People like:

* the child in first standard who is asked by idiotic guest-pests who she likes better: her mother or her father

* the bigger kid in twelfth standard who has no damn clue which stream to opt for, especially because he has the yen for one and the marks for another

* the modern-day worker who doesn't have future plans to mention in a self-appraisal sheet

* the newbie politician who didn't know what he was signing that day in North Block

* the talented teenage midfielder who's pestered to take up computer classes instead because it will improve his career prospects

* the young girl who's finished college and now gets ogled a lot at... by matchmaking women

* the software engineer on when he's going to the US of Aaiye

* the star whose wife may not be everyone's idea of a pinup

* the man-who-made-a-mistake-once and would like to get over it, only if you would let him

* the men and women love reading their books, are not making a fashion statement by reading them in public and don't want to show the title of the book they're reading to every curious passerby who doesn't share the habit

I'm sure there a few more: can't think of them right now.

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