Aug 7, 2003

Perhaps those who read this blog don't realize this, but I usually employ a few rules while posting on my blog. I usually try to avoid any references to my readers (a rule that I broke while beginning this post), I don't want to get a swollen head (or depressed acceptance, depending on my current stats and mood) as to imagining the group of people that read these pages.

Also, I usually avoid anonymous references to people, especially if I know they read these posts. I know this kind of self-censorship isn't wholly necessary, but I don't feel like hurting anyone's feelings. But I can make one favourably anonymous reference to celebrate getting a mail from a long-lost friend who I know almost for sure doesn't read this, despite my many exhortations. So if you happened to contact me recently and are reading this post, well, then I'm not referring to you!

I make this anonymous reference because it gladdened my heart in a week that had these train of thoughts:

* Anymore of this, and I'll end up with a face that either is as sad as John Wright's or as morose as Graham Gooch

* What a horrid song, but why do I want to hear it again?

* I must be firm and put my foot down. What's the worst that can happen?

* Damn, damn it... Who do they think they are? Feel like telling them to go to hell.

* I f I make the mistake, it is only fair I pay for it, right?

* Life sucks, get used to it...

* Another case of things biting one in the...

* Ok, now things have to get better...

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