Aug 21, 2003

Finally something I've been looking for: a Transliteration for Tamil into English. My ignorance of the fact that something like ITrans exists was removed by reading George's latest post where he pillories old punching bags: post 90s Lata Mangeshkar and Sonu Nigam.

BTW, to complete this post, here's the Tamil to English transliteration table. To take an example, I would have to say aayutha eJuthu or Ayutha ezuthu. (Actually Aayutha ezhuthu itself refers to a letter in the Tamil alphabet, which ITrans shows as q.)

All very confusing, for I also don't know how to represent the half-consonant or half-vowel that appears frequently in Tamil (for e.g, the last "u" in ezhuthu is not a full-fledged "oo" as people might think, just a polite begin-as-if-saying-oo-and-halt "u".

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