Aug 3, 2006

What if it had been titled differently?


janak said...

Read the comments from IMDB.
Looks like somebody promoting movie.
Expecting good show at theater.
UMA-ADLABS, here I come.

Zero said...

Yes, the ensemble was perfect and spot-on, one of the reasons why the film worked so well.

Originally, I had mentioned the list of the actors who had striking cameos (like Imaad, Rajat and Ravi Baswani), but I figured out that I had "unfairly" mentioned only some of them and left out others :). (After which, I wanted to update mentioning more, but didn't.)

kristen said...

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Vivek said...

I found "What if" to be very apt for the title.
Protagonists of three out of four stories meet the same end, just by coincidence. Where as, with equally startling co-incedence, the protagonists of the fourth story escape from it.

So, what if
- Ankur Khanna's father didnt die
- Ratna pathak shah couldnt manage the money to send her daughter to US
- Irfan khan didnt go to WTC for passing the time
and what if that little kid in the bathroom didnt throw the chewing gum on the floor.