Aug 30, 2006

The Music of "Don" - a re-iterative mixed bag


Manish said...

I was also (and probably am) bit worried about the remake for the same reasons you are.

One of the reason is Shahrukh himself. I have seen his accent in Shakti - The Power, and it was pathetic.

About Bhojpuri. Actually, dialect is not Bhojpuri. Its Awadhi, though there are very few words. Rest of the song is proper urban Hindi.

Supposing one knows his text book Hindi(known as Khadi Boli) well, still it would be very difficult for him/her to comprehend pure Bhojpuri. It is actually very very different.

Contrary to popular belief, Amitabh Bachhan has never spoken Bhojpuri on screen, until now when he will speak in the movie called Ganga.

Whatever he has spoken till now, including the movie Don is Awadhi, with minor imports from Bhojpuri.

Sorry for the length :-)

Ramanand said...

Thanks Manish - I first wrote Awadhi in my post - then thought it probably was Bhojpuri and then realised I really was not qualified to make a judgement :-) Hence the question. Thanks for your answer.

Since the remake is set in Malaysia (I think), let's see what other variations are in store. There is an interesting bit of gossip about the endings doing the rounds.

Manish said...

And about the beginning as well. Let's wait, with the fingers crossed!

Quizman said...

You wrotePainful, because the original song was all about how Vijay can relax with co-fraternals amidst the frenetic chase (the song is actually a bad insert in the midst of all the action and meant to relieve the tension, but the combination of Kishore, Amitabh in those black flares and the "Thumkaas" of Zeenat Aman worked).

Yes and no. :-) The original Khaike Paan.. was written for Dev Anand's 'Banarsi Babu', and recorded by LP. However, Dev Anand felt that the song did not suit his image and rejected it. Meanwhile, the financers wanted Barot to make Don less stressful during the chase. LP came to the rescue by suggesting that they insert Khaike Paan in the midst of the chase. And they re-recorded it with KK chaning his voice/style slightly for AB. There are those who believe that the song is a great distraction.

Ramanand said...

Quizman: Thanks for the trivia bit (I vaguely knew this but it had receded to the mind's attic). Of course, Amitabh has Dev Anand to thank for other things such as refusing Zanjeer as well :-)

sujay said...

"and a cameo by the question "Why?" again."


I must grab you this weekend and stuff your pockets with diamonds. :-)

George said...

wait wait wait ... it's KA not LP