Jun 7, 2007

French finale stays on course


Samrat said...

Yeah I am also anticipating a thrilling finale. I feel the two semis will also be tough 4 setters. With the two gladiators winning.
I fervently hope that Fed upsets Nadal's hattrick.

daemon said...

Did anyone notice that in both men's and women's singles, the seeds 1, 2 and 4 have made it to the semis??

Semi would be tough for Federer, not that much for Nadal, I guess.

Harish Kumar said...

Please don't take Djokovic lightly. A Federer without a coach seems to be doing better and I'm sure he would have loved to play Canas in this mood rather than Davydenko.
Nadal -Djokovic, IMO is a 60-40 game and Federer in the final will be a 45-55 game with advantage to the winner of the Nadal-Djokovic match.

Of course, as we all know I, alongwith Federer have tipped Djokovic to scale great heights. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm hoping Djokovic runs Nadal to a 5 setter, while Fed breezes through, giving Fed a slight physical adv on Sunday. I love Nadal too, but just this once, I want Fed to win. Nadal can resume normal service next year.

Samrat said...

Alas the Spanish Conquistador, slayed the bovine Swiss once more :)