Jun 14, 2007

The pressures of being a 'S(h)ivaji'

The pressures of being a 'S(h)ivaji'


Anonymous said...

100th film? Who are you talking about?

Unknown said...

Oops - it should be 100th Tamil movie, I suppose. Or so I read.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know this, (or, have forgotten)!

P.S.:- However, sourcing the entire list of filmography from the following page and grep-ing on "Tamil" (including a "Taamil"; how jobless!) makes the count 98. Which makes 'Sivaji' the 99th! Some (dubbed) film's taken into account, perhaps.


Unknown said...

(Ah, the pleasures of regular expressions)

I can't help feeling that it could just well be that AVM saw a good marketing hook here - it could easily be just 99 or 101. Acc. to tamil.galatta.com/entertainment/livewire/livewire/id/8670/news/rajinikanth.html "... Rajinikanth was pleasantly surprised at an event at AVM Studios when he came to know that Sivaji is his 100th Tamil movie.".

Film counts aren't quite reliable, are they?

Anonymous said...

It's a marketing hook, I too think. The split of his filmography in the galatta.com page is erroneous even if one disregards re-counting films dubbed in multiple languages.
(At the same time, I wonder why it's not publicised much at all. Such adherence to "integrity?")

P.S.:- This page mentions all his dubbed films too. We'll do some cut and nested greps shall we?

Santosh Kumar T K said...

aravind swami-bhanu priya-sobhana-amrish puri-thota tharani-suresh urs-ilayaraaja-santosh sivan-"rakkamma"- mammotty-rajnikanth and the madras magician... THALAPATHI

does anything match up to this? :-)

does Sivaji come even closer? i freak out on shankar's body of "paisa vasool" work but then...

how i wish i were a tamilian!!!

daemon said...

Now, barring the language handicap, I got to see this movie. Should have tried harder with the tamilian girl :(