Apr 13, 2008

I think Shivnarine "black-eyed, please" Chanderpaul's recent achievement (he hit a six off the last ball to help the Windies win a one-dayer v Sri Lanka) has been a little underestimated. Naturally, comparisons have been made with the Miandad mauling, what with both resulting in one-wicket wins. Obviously, the Pakistani win was the greater, especially if you consider all the radioactive fall-out that one disappearing ball had on two prickly nations for several years. But Chanderpaul's feat of dispatching 10 runs off the last two balls is quite special (though one is a little surprised that CPUJC [va|w]as bowling that last over given that in recent times, Mahela J has usually bowled him out by the 40th).

There's a nice list here on last ball sixes in one-dayers. Perhaps one of the last sparkles from the dying form of the game.


Rishabh Kaul said...

I agree. As formidable a bowler that chetan sharma was(he did take that hat trick), I am sure vaas was a better bet anyday, yet chanderpaul's feat would be regarded better if you remove all the mush(and the apparent inspirational background score that all the videos of that incident seem to contain, for I saw it on youtube and the die hard pakistani fan decided to improvise on it) from minadad's.

and finally, Mahela J? wink wink.

Rishabh, from the desert

Unknown said...

Rishabh the Bedouin: thanks for dropping by. I wonder if "removing the 'mush'" had a coded geo-political message :-)

as for 'Mahela J' well, blame it on mega-polysyllabic names in that region!

Chanderpaul has had a fabulous last couple of years, but hardly anyone seems to have noticed.

Harish Kumar said...

He has been noticed - won the WI player of the year award..and was also noticed when he left mid-way through a match (against Barbados?)..in fact he was not out on 78 overnight - to attend the awards ceremony where he swept all the awards.